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Education is the ultimate security measure


A Letter from the President

6 Components of a Great Security Service Plan

When it comes to the security of your building, you can never be too prepared. A security service plan is oftentimes the way to go, as it can give you peace of mind that your system is designed, installed, monitored and maintained by a partner that cares.

School Emergency Preparedness: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself

Educators and administrators want to do more than simply teach the thriving students that fill their classrooms – they want to protect them. In a time when our nation’s schools are faced with situations like active shooters and bomb threats, it’s vital to be prepared for any school emergency.

The 7 Essential Elements of Managed Security Services

Over-design vs Under-design of Security Systems

What's the middle ground?

A security system can suffer from radically different designs that fail to account for the specific needs of an organization. Under-design means taking the road of least responsibility; a few insufficient or token measures are expected to ward off threats. In contrast, an overzealously designed system in certain businesses can lead to oppressive security that steals as much from the bottom line as a thief. Here's how to find the middle ground.

Accountability in School Emergencies

How to safely do a head count and communicate who's where

The day-to-day operation of a school is a daunting task, and the detailed planning that sees schools react effectively during an emergency is part of that responsibility.

How Managed Services Can Augment On-Premises Staff

5 Steps for Effective Business Security

Essential Security for Entertainment Venues

A Look at Security for Higher Education

The Right Moves in Motion Sensing

The Core of Effective Multi-Unit Residential Security

Finger on the Pulse

How POM Technologies’ Heartbeat Monitoring delivers better security

There are similarities between protecting your property and safeguarding your health. You want to keep what's inside in good working order, and you don't want anything hostile getting in. Technology is at the core of modern security but its reliability isn't something that can be blindly relied on. In fact, most Americans deal with tech failure twice a day, amounting to over 40,000 malfunctions over a lifetime. If your security is on the line, that's not a figure to take lightly.

The Pros and Cons of School Surveillance

How Additional Lighting Can Keep Your Business More Secure at Night

The Unique Demands of Residential Security

What to Do After a Break-In at Your Business or Organization

Security Tips for Hotels

Should You Install Glass Break Detectors on Your Windows?

Are Biometric Access Control Systems More Secure Than Their Traditional Counterparts?

Healthcare Security in the New America

Don’t Make the Mistake of Using Fake Security Cameras

Next-Level Security Precautions for Your Business

5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Vandalism

Can Security Fencing Protect Your Exterior from Threats?

How Security Integration Can Improve Employee Productivity

Why You Should Make Sure Your Visitor Management System is Up to Date

Is it Safe to Store Your Business’s Security Footage in the Cloud?

To Disguise Security Cameras … Or Not?

How to Get the Most Out of an Upcoming Security Consultation

Should Your Business Install Motion Detectors? If So, What Kind?

Should Your Business Have A Panic Room?

Could Drones Improve Security for Businesses?

Exploring Analog, HD-SDI, And IP Cameras

What’s the difference and which should you choose for your security?

A Look at Future Tech: How Artificial Intelligence and System Automation Could Impact Security

Artificially intelligent integrated security systems may soon be able to ID and deflect a variety of threats

High-Tech Locks with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Accessibility Could Improve Your Business's Security


Why Your Business May Need a Panic Button

(And sometimes more than one)

Should Your Business Install Night Vision/Infrared Cameras?

Night vision can effectively protect areas from crime at night, identifying criminal suspects and preventing suspicious behavior on your property

Is it Worth It for Your Business to Make the Switch to IP Surveillance Cameras?

Easier detection of criminal suspects and better performance in low-light conditions are among the many benefits of high megapixel security cams

Parking Garages Could be a Weak Point in Your Security – but Surveillance and Access Control Can Help

Parking garages can leave employees vulnerable to break-ins, theft, and vandalism

Cameras are Only Truly Effective if Enough are Installed and They’re Actively Monitored

A study of law enforcement surveillance yielded mixed results – with a clear conclusion

How Schools Can Decrease ‘Stranger Danger’ with Intelligent Security


How to Increase Your Hotel’s Security While Maintaining Excellent Guest Service

Harden your property against threats but keep the welcoming environment

Effective Building Entrance and Exit Security Measures for Any Organization

Combine smart security protocols with traditional and emerging technologies to secure your building’s vulnerable points

Getting Your Business on Camera Has Never Been Less Expensive – or More Effective

Lower prices & improved performance make surveillance cameras attractive to smaller organizations

When it comes to operating a small- or medium-sized business, there are plenty of expenses to consider just so the doors can remain open. There’s insurance, employee salaries, inventory, and marketing and advertising, just to name a few line items. As a result, appropriate security measures often slip lower and lower on the list of priorities. But thanks to lower costs and technological developments, that’s changing.

How to Educate Students to Make the Most of Your School's Security System

Is the key to safer schools the latest technology, engaged students, or a combination of both?

Security in schools is an interesting and controversial issue facing administrators, parents, teachers, and students around the country. And many schools are investing significant resources into a wide array of security technology to ensure students, staff and administrators are secure on campus.

How to Increase Security in Doctor's Offices, Hospitals, and Clinics

An array of statistics illustrates the special risks to medical facilities

Museum Security: How Managed Services and Technology Can Guard Our Heritage


Without a proper security strategy, priceless artifacts may be vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and other threats

Since modern museums began opening approximately 200 years ago, they’ve been a target for thieves –buildings full of valuable or unique objects, with some of those items small enough fit into a pocket, inside a backpack, or in the back seat of a car.

4 Employee Security Protocols to Safeguard Your Business

Technology, managed services, and smart procedures can protect your bottom line

How Can Security Technology Support and Augment Physical Staff?

Security technology is a force multiplier that will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your security strategy

3 Security Threats That Could Damage Your Business (And How to Guard Against Them)


How to deal with fraud, extortion, and corporate espionage in an ever-changing world

When creating a security plan for a business or educational institution, many individuals think of stopping obvious risks like break-ins, theft, and vandalism. However, some of the most dangerous threats are those that imperil the integrity of the organization – and they often come from within. Issues like fraud, extortion, and corporate espionage have always existed in some form or another, but new technologies make it easier than ever for individuals to threaten, blackmail, harass, or steal intellectual property – sometimes without anyone even fully knowing what or how it happened.

5 Tips to Improve Condo and Apartment Security Systems

Managing your property so you have peace of mind

How Security System Integration Actually Works (And How Technology Is Changing It)

Security integrators combine traditional methods and new technologies to unite a variety of systems

How to Design a Building or Entrance for Increased Security

Consider these factors when designing a building or entrance for optimal security

Is Mobile Access Control the Next Big Thing in Building Security?

How some organizations are using smartphones as keys

If you're like most business owners, your smartphone, tablet, or wearable device is a hub for your company’s activities. You use them to answer emails, write reports, crunch numbers, and even meet with employees. And soon you could be using a mobile device as a key to enter and exit your business with a simple swipe of your screen.

How Private Schools Can Fight On-Campus Drug Use with Video Surveillance

Keep track of your students and deter dangerous behavior with smart technology

Ensuring Physical Security is an Essential Step in Safeguarding Your Sensitive Data

Malicious individuals and dangerous mobile storage devices could be a threat to your data integrity

How Remote Monitoring and Access Control Can Multiply the Effectiveness of Your Security Team

Remote Monitoring Encourages Good Behavior and Reduces Employee Theft

Use video to discourage unethical activities and promote peak performance 

If you’re concerned about the honesty of your employees – or you simply think that they could be more productive, remote monitoring could be a powerful solution to your business’s problems. Keep reading to learn more about how this technology can improve the way your employees work, and how recent advances are making it even more effective.

How to Mitigate Private School Violence with Advanced Security Systems

 Combine established methods with new technologies for maximum safety impact

Violence in our schools is a pervasive problem. From tragedies involving weapons and the constant threat of a strangers on campus to violent bullying incidents before, during, and after school, the amount of threats children, teachers, and other school workers face is persistent.

In fact, a recent federal report said that during the year 2012, students ages 12-18 were the victims of approximately 1.3 million non-fatal crimes on U.S. school campuses. But there are techniques and new technologies your school can use to mitigate violence and increase safety on campus.

Why Your Biotech Company Needs More Security


Which Types of Businesses Need the Most Security?


Achieve Stronger ROI Through These Security Technologies

The theme of security technology upgrades in the modern security age is doing more with less. This isn’t about machines taking over the world. It’s about streamlining processes and slimming down security staff where necessary.

Should You Embrace Hosted Video Surveillance At Your Facility?

Where are you storing your security video data, how long are you storing it for and how much are you able to store?

Why A Safer Workplace Isn't Just About Security

There’s really no secret to creating a safer and more secure workplace.

It’s all about security awareness.

Is Your Access Control Up To Par?

How restricted is access to various parts of your facility? Does your access control go beyond protecting your people to protecting assets and other organizational resources?

How To Start Security System Design Before Choosing An Integrator

If you’re thinking about implementing new security technology in your facility, enlisting the insight of professional security consultants is likely your first inclination.

Why You Lose To Intruders If Your Security Isn’t Integrated

When your security team has trouble getting in front of certain threats, it might be time to increase the range of tools at their fingertips. Yet, in most cases, this process involves a closer look at your current security technology and figuring out ways to use the collected information more effectively.

Security Technologies You Need To Promote A Safer School, Now

Where is your school’s current security system falling short? What flexibility do you wish it had?

Overcoming School Security Challenges Through Integration

What security challenges are standing in the way of properly securing your school?

Security Integration: Does Your System Hurt Emergency Communication?

Security emergencies are tense situations for any organization. The need for quick decisions and mass communication is essential. If your security systems aren’t equipped with the right emergency communication tools, your facility stands susceptible to threats due to slow and ineffective response.

How To Develop A Building Vulnerability Assessment Checklist

Security gaps are what intruders look for. They look for vulnerabilities in your building’s security, weaknesses worth exploiting and assets worth damaging. By updating your security policy, you expose these vulnerabilities and create procedures paired with technology to close gaps and reduce risk. 

How To Refine Your Building Security Policy For Any Incident

The strength of your security system depends on a comprehensive building security policy. Without the proper policy in place, your facility remains vulnerable to unforeseen threats and unanalyzed weaknesses in security system design. 

Strategic Security System Design: Eliminating Unforeseen Costs At The Outset

Security system design is about addressing your security needs through better technology in conjunction with improved processes. How you use the technology depends on the layout of your site and the architecture of your building. In order to maximize your investment with the installation of new security equipment, you must approach the project strategically in order to realize the full benefits behind an integrated security solution.

Immediate Security Challenges Threatening Front-Door Security

What role does environmental design play in your facility’s front-door security efforts? 

Is Your Security Strategy Above These Security Challenges?

Any security strategy starts with understanding how a space is going to be used. Security technology implemented through a site-specific approach enables proactive security monitoring to enhance the safety of your overall environment. 

9 Building Security Challenges Threatening Your Safety

There are a variety of building security risks causing headaches for security professionals and facility managers everywhere. While some of these risks are related to physical security threats, today’s biggest security challenges actually relate to the way facilities think about security. 

Integrated Security Solutions To Enhance Facility Safety

Security systems of the past were isolated, but today’s security systems integrate to reach across an entire organization. IP-based security systems are revolutionizing the security industry by aggregating security data and organizational processes to help facilities be smarter about how they operate and how they defend against potential threats. 

Remote Security Management: A New Age Of Connectedness

The connectedness brought on by the Internet Of Things and evolving security technology has increased organizational visibility tremendously. The ability to monitor and control security through an integrated security solution has enabled institutions to be smarter about their security and their operating procedures. 

Integrated Security Systems: Your Answer To Inefficiencies & Weak Security

Are disparate security systems complicating your team’s security efforts? 

How To Increase Building Security Without Hiring More Guards

Security guards are expensive. They cost a few hundred thousands of dollars a year, and with emerging technologies automating security processes and bringing a new level of connectedness to building security systems, the role of the security guard is being questioned. 

School Security: Promoting A Safer School, Part 2

As you walk through school hallways and classrooms, and you consider the safety of your students, ask yourself: Is everyone doing his or her part in promoting a secure school? 

School Security: Promoting A Safer School, Part 1

You shouldn’t need a security incident as reason to assess your school’s security. In today’s world, creating a safer school encompasses more than door locks and hallway cameras. A comprehensive security plan considers all incidents and accounts for them through awareness and better security technology. By understanding more about your site and surrounding premises, you are in a better position to exercise proactive control, rather than reacting to a security risk that could have been prevented. 

Security Firm Search: What To Look For In The Right Partner

Searching for the right security firm in New York City is overwhelming. You want someone who matches your always-evolving security needs with the industry’s latest technology, and develops a long-term plan to keep your building and its occupants protected. 

Security System Weaknesses: Are You Exposed To Threats?

Did design play a role in the installation and implementation of your building’s security system? 

A lack of security system design creates gaps in frontend and backend security. But it’s never too late to optimize current security system design. Whether you are looking to install a new security system or a new piece of technology, you have to assess your current needs against system setup. Whatever security system weaknesses exist must be fixed. When it comes to building security, never leave your people or your system exposed. 

Front-Door Security: Tips To Lock Out Crime

How secure are your building entrances? Are the proper locks in place? Are your security personnel seeing everything that needs to be seen at all points of entry?

Proper facility security combines a proactive approach and the right security technology. In the event of a security breach, you need to alert others in the building – including security personnel – to the presence of unauthorized intruders while having a solid visual of the suspect.

A strategic security plan for front-door security combines locks with sensors, digital cameras and alarms in a multi-faceted approach to protect and defend against all possible threats.

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