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Education is the ultimate security measure


How to Design a Building or Entrance for Increased Security

Consider these factors when designing a building or entrance for optimal security

Is Mobile Access Control the Next Big Thing in Building Security?

How some organizations are using smartphones as keys

If you're like most business owners, your smartphone, tablet, or wearable device is a hub for your company’s activities. You use them to answer emails, write reports, crunch numbers, and even meet with employees. And soon you could be using a mobile device as a key to enter and exit your business with a simple swipe of your screen.

How Private Schools Can Fight On-Campus Drug Use with Video Surveillance

Keep track of your students and deter dangerous behavior with smart technology

Ensuring Physical Security is an Essential Step in Safeguarding Your Sensitive Data

Malicious individuals and dangerous mobile storage devices could be a threat to your data integrity

How Remote Monitoring and Access Control Can Multiply the Effectiveness of Your Security Team

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