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Education is the ultimate security measure


How Private Schools Can Fight On-Campus Drug Use with Video Surveillance

Keep track of your students and deter dangerous behavior with smart technology

Ensuring Physical Security is an Essential Step in Safeguarding Your Sensitive Data

Malicious individuals and dangerous mobile storage devices could be a threat to your data integrity

How Remote Monitoring and Access Control Can Multiply the Effectiveness of Your Security Team

Remote Monitoring Encourages Good Behavior and Reduces Employee Theft

Use video to discourage unethical activities and promote peak performance 

If you’re concerned about the honesty of your employees – or you simply think that they could be more productive, remote monitoring could be a powerful solution to your business’s problems. Keep reading to learn more about how this technology can improve the way your employees work, and how recent advances are making it even more effective.

How to Mitigate Private School Violence with Advanced Security Systems

 Combine established methods with new technologies for maximum safety impact

Violence in our schools is a pervasive problem. From tragedies involving weapons and the constant threat of a strangers on campus to violent bullying incidents before, during, and after school, the amount of threats children, teachers, and other school workers face is persistent.

In fact, a recent federal report said that during the year 2012, students ages 12-18 were the victims of approximately 1.3 million non-fatal crimes on U.S. school campuses. But there are techniques and new technologies your school can use to mitigate violence and increase safety on campus.

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