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Education is the ultimate security measure


School Security: Promoting A Safer School, Part 2

As you walk through school hallways and classrooms, and you consider the safety of your students, ask yourself: Is everyone doing his or her part in promoting a secure school? 

School Security: Promoting A Safer School, Part 1

You shouldn’t need a security incident as reason to assess your school’s security. In today’s world, creating a safer school encompasses more than door locks and hallway cameras. A comprehensive security plan considers all incidents and accounts for them through awareness and better security technology. By understanding more about your site and surrounding premises, you are in a better position to exercise proactive control, rather than reacting to a security risk that could have been prevented. 

Security Firm Search: What To Look For In The Right Partner

Searching for the right security firm in New York City is overwhelming. You want someone who matches your always-evolving security needs with the industry’s latest technology, and develops a long-term plan to keep your building and its occupants protected. 

Security System Weaknesses: Are You Exposed To Threats?

Did design play a role in the installation and implementation of your building’s security system? 

A lack of security system design creates gaps in frontend and backend security. But it’s never too late to optimize current security system design. Whether you are looking to install a new security system or a new piece of technology, you have to assess your current needs against system setup. Whatever security system weaknesses exist must be fixed. When it comes to building security, never leave your people or your system exposed. 

Front-Door Security: Tips To Lock Out Crime

How secure are your building entrances? Are the proper locks in place? Are your security personnel seeing everything that needs to be seen at all points of entry?

Proper facility security combines a proactive approach and the right security technology. In the event of a security breach, you need to alert others in the building – including security personnel – to the presence of unauthorized intruders while having a solid visual of the suspect.

A strategic security plan for front-door security combines locks with sensors, digital cameras and alarms in a multi-faceted approach to protect and defend against all possible threats.

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