Front-Door Security: Tips To Lock Out Crime

ThinkstockPhotos-83115964How secure are your building entrances? Are the proper locks in place? Are your security personnel seeing everything that needs to be seen at all points of entry?

Proper facility security combines a proactive approach and the right security technology. In the event of a security breach, you need to alert others in the building – including security personnel – to the presence of unauthorized intruders while having a solid visual of the suspect.

A strategic security plan for front-door security combines locks with sensors, digital cameras and alarms in a multi-faceted approach to protect and defend against all possible threats.

Pair Entry Portals With The Right Security Technology

Not having the right technology in the right place at the right time is a major concern for building owners and managers. Entry-door security involves identifying both major and minor portals for potential building entrants. For example, freight entrances are just as important to properly secure as the main entrance because they represent a potential risk if not properly monitored and protected.

Missing exposed entrances is an oversight often caused by an overreliance on security guards. This is poor access control at its finest. Simply because a trained and experienced guard is in place at an entrance does not mean it’s secure, especially if guards lack the proper means to verify visitors and guests.

Incorporate Visitor Management Into Your Entry Security

Front-door security is about visitor management, understanding who deserves authorized access and how to manage the flow of traffic. The physical lobby and entrance design play an important role in how effectively visitors are managed, while the technology plays an important supportive role.

For example, different visitors may require different levels of access, which necessitates multiple visitor access points or multiple entry lanes. A lack of an ID badge system and turnstiles creates a major bottleneck of security checks.

If your security plan doesn’t encompass visitor management and access control tactics, adding the necessary equipment should be first on your list of security improvements.

Test Before You Implement

Facilities managers are required to think high level about front-door security, but it helps to have a security firm specializing in integration and implementation in your corner.

You should test your security system routinely to ensure the technology works as expected, but also to see how your security team reacts to a breach. Having the right security system defenses in place to deter intruders is important, but having the in-house or off-site response team ready to thwart a true threat is essential to your facility’s security.

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