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Education is the ultimate security measure


Security Technologies You Need To Promote A Safer School, Now

Where is your school’s current security system falling short? What flexibility do you wish it had?

Overcoming School Security Challenges Through Integration

What security challenges are standing in the way of properly securing your school?

Security Integration: Does Your System Hurt Emergency Communication?

Security emergencies are tense situations for any organization. The need for quick decisions and mass communication is essential. If your security systems aren’t equipped with the right emergency communication tools, your facility stands susceptible to threats due to slow and ineffective response.

How To Develop A Building Vulnerability Assessment Checklist

Security gaps are what intruders look for. They look for vulnerabilities in your building’s security, weaknesses worth exploiting and assets worth damaging. By updating your security policy, you expose these vulnerabilities and create procedures paired with technology to close gaps and reduce risk. 

How To Refine Your Building Security Policy For Any Incident

The strength of your security system depends on a comprehensive building security policy. Without the proper policy in place, your facility remains vulnerable to unforeseen threats and unanalyzed weaknesses in security system design. 

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