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Education is the ultimate security measure


Remote Security Management: A New Age Of Connectedness

The connectedness brought on by the Internet Of Things and evolving security technology has increased organizational visibility tremendously. The ability to monitor and control security through an integrated security solution has enabled institutions to be smarter about their security and their operating procedures. 

Integrated Security Systems: Your Answer To Inefficiencies & Weak Security

Are disparate security systems complicating your team’s security efforts? 

How To Increase Building Security Without Hiring More Guards

Security guards are expensive. They cost a few hundred thousands of dollars a year, and with emerging technologies automating security processes and bringing a new level of connectedness to building security systems, the role of the security guard is being questioned. 

School Security: Promoting A Safer School, Part 2

As you walk through school hallways and classrooms, and you consider the safety of your students, ask yourself: Is everyone doing his or her part in promoting a secure school? 

School Security: Promoting A Safer School, Part 1

You shouldn’t need a security incident as reason to assess your school’s security. In today’s world, creating a safer school encompasses more than door locks and hallway cameras. A comprehensive security plan considers all incidents and accounts for them through awareness and better security technology. By understanding more about your site and surrounding premises, you are in a better position to exercise proactive control, rather than reacting to a security risk that could have been prevented. 

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