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Education is the ultimate security measure


Cameras are Only Truly Effective if Enough are Installed and They’re Actively Monitored

A study of law enforcement surveillance yielded mixed results – with a clear conclusion

How Schools Can Decrease ‘Stranger Danger’ with Intelligent Security


How to Increase Your Hotel’s Security While Maintaining Excellent Guest Service

Harden your property against threats but keep the welcoming environment

Effective Building Entrance and Exit Security Measures for Any Organization

Combine smart security protocols with traditional and emerging technologies to secure your building’s vulnerable points

Getting Your Business on Camera Has Never Been Less Expensive – or More Effective

Lower prices & improved performance make surveillance cameras attractive to smaller organizations

When it comes to operating a small- or medium-sized business, there are plenty of expenses to consider just so the doors can remain open. There’s insurance, employee salaries, inventory, and marketing and advertising, just to name a few line items. As a result, appropriate security measures often slip lower and lower on the list of priorities. But thanks to lower costs and technological developments, that’s changing.

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