Security System Weaknesses: Are You Exposed To Threats?

security-system-weaknessDid design play a role in the installation and implementation of your building’s security system? 

A lack of security system design creates gaps in frontend and backend security. But it’s never too late to optimize current security system design. Whether you are looking to install a new security system or a new piece of technology, you have to assess your current needs against system setup. Whatever security system weaknesses exist must be fixed. When it comes to building security, never leave your people or your system exposed. 

Your Security System Needs Its Own Protection 

Security system technology and wiring needs protection just like the perimeter of your building and possible entryways. Insufficiently stored and unprotected security equipment is a security risk. Without optimized installation techniques, exposed wires, access control panels, video recorders and other valuable equipment are vulnerable to vandalism. 

In addition, the way the servers and recorders are stored may affect building security or even the security of the equipment itself. Ensuring enough physical space is available to store video data is as important as preserving the actual data, because improper server storage leads to temperature control issues and eventually hardware failure. Proper storage prevents tech-savvy intruders from retrieving sensitive data and protects the integrity of the hardware.

Oversights of this magnitude are the result of poor planning. It’s important to base security system installation on real-world situations and a design created by an expert, then hand off implementation to experienced integrators. Any other approach not only leaves your system exposed, but also your building and its people. 

Think Like An Intruder 

Potential internal and external security threats look to abuse gaps in your security system. As you implement new technologies and strengthen your security plan, think like an intruder. Look for ways past your own system and start thinking about how to turn current security system weaknesses into strengths.

Protecting your security equipment is equally important as securing your building. Without protection against internal threats, the integrity of the entire system and security plan is compromised. 

Don’t overestimate the strength of your current security plan. If you want to reduce security risks, you need to take your security more seriously. Download our whitepaper below and identify possible gaps in your current system.

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