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Managed Security Services: The Active Partner Approach

There's a paradigm shift occurring in the security industry affecting facilities everywhere. Yesterday, security was hosted on site: technology, security data and guards. Today, managed security services allow you to remove clunky hardware while enhancing storage capabilities, and remove excessive security personnel without diminishing the strength of your security force.

There are a variety of organizational advantages for deploying what's commonly called remote security management. With remote or managed security services, the right security partner increases the value of your investment exponentially by designing a security plan that is effective, cost-efficient and focused on your facility’s needs through combining the right technology and the right remote management service. 

What are the right applications for the technologies within managed security services, and how does the right partner find the best way to implement these technologies in your own building?

Proactive Security Technology On The Rise

Security guards cost a few hundred thousand dollars a year, and turning over some of their responsibilities to remote security management helps facilities eliminate huge costs. Yet, managed security services are not entirely about the elimination of guards. These services act as a replacement and reinforcement of your existing onsite staff.

Managed security services, in the context of facility management, are what Facility Executive calls "a systematic approach to managing an organization’s security needs." These services are about allowing your security partner to play a more active role in providing your facility with a greater ROI through better technology design.

Today’s security technology is proactive. Motion is detected by a system that alerts a command center of security agents watching between one or two monitors, with managers ensuring trained eyes are seeing everything they can see. In a graveyard shift scenario, this kind of remote security monitoring support is invaluable.

A Scenario-First Mindset To Managed Services

While buildings still need guards on the ground, sometimes security should scale up for a big event. Whether there’s a high-profile athletic event or dignitaries are in town, managed services allow an organization to flip on a switch to double its security force.

  • Using remote video monitoring during periods of increased traffic, such as pick-up and drop-off times during school events, ensures all eyes are on entrances and visitor flow. Extra eyes add a greater sense of comfort for visitors and security staff.
  • Controlling the flow of traffic through remote visitor management adds to the security efforts of buildings without full-time guards. Offsite guards monitor visitors remotely, communicate with them through intercoms and electronically allow or restrict access.
  • Organizing an ID card program through managed access control streamlines your ability to create, print and distribute ID cards. With a partner handling the backend administration of setting up the enrollment process, enabling card access privileges and generating specific attendance reports cuts down on expenses related to staffing and training.

Sometimes Your Technology Team Needs An Assist

While one security integrator might be good at installing a great system, a comprehensive partner is able to manage everything, from designing and implementing the system to hosting and supporting it. Even if your IT team currently supports your onsite security technology, taking this responsibility off of their plate allows them to refocus on core dependencies within the organization.

Let your security partner act as an extension of your organization through remote security management and a tighter, cost-effective security strategy.

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