Uncover Unanalyzed Weaknesses

With A Free Building Security Risk Assessment

Whether you manage the security of a hotel, school, apartment complex, healthcare facility or business, your environment should be safe and secure at all times

But your security policy may be falling short of protecting your institution. When was the last time you conducted a security risk assessment of your facility?

Let the Peace Of Mind Technologies team work with you to formulate a complete picture of your current policy and provide recommendations for updating security policies and procedures. Our assessment is designed not only to reduce risk, but also to optimize physical security and extend your facility management capabilities.

Questions include, but are not limited to:

  • Are you managing security at multiple buildings?
  • Are you managing all building security technologies through a central system?
  • Where is most of your security equipment housed?
  • What is the storage capacity for security data on your server?

Complete the form to receive a free assessment from a security professional and uncover unique opportunities to better manage, control and protect your entire site.