Back up your security system with a service plan delivering technology maintenance and support.

Expect the unexpected and always be protected

The POMAdvantage Plan

Added Incentive For Increased Building Security

When you invest in a new security system, you need the assurance that your technology and systems are operating at 100% 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Whether minimizing downtime, reducing security risks or preventing your facility from incurring unexpected costs, the POMAdvantage service plan caters to your complete security system needs.

As a premium service, the POMAdvantage service plan offers:

  • Customer training to help you get more value from your security system
  • Unlimited on-site service visits and phone support for continuous assistance from your security professional and the POM Technologies security force
  • No-charge repair and replacement of POM Technologies-installed security equipment
  • Bi-annual security system checks to ensure security system health and reduce downtime
  • Discounted product and system upgrades to ensure your software takes advantage of the latest security features
  • Security integration updates, including technician installation status alerts along with detailed contact information about your technician

A premium security system service plan is vital to your success and security. 80-90% of our clients have POMAdvantage because of the returns they see on their initial investment.

Take your security technology initiative a step further with the POMAdvantage service plan.

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