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Professional Commercial Solutions

POM Technologies is a NYC security systems integrations firm that designs, installs, and maintains systems that actively detect threats and prevents them from compromising your security, damaging your reputation, and destroying your peace of mind.

Complete Campus Security

Peace Of Mind Technologies is a school security firm that develops custom security systems designed to meet the unique needs of educational institutions throughout New York and New Jersey.

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Venues

The more people whose safety you need to manage, the more liability for your security team. Peace Of Mind Technologies specializes in providing situation- and site-specific security solutions to entertainment, concert and stadium venues located in and around New York and New Jersey.

The Response You Expect

When there's a security breach, who do you call to restore your peace of mind? For urgent security needs, cut security system integration timelines in half with our No-Stress Express Installation.

The Security You Need

Our security products are designed to help you protect, manage and secure your site while giving you a record of all events taking place within and surrounding your building.

A Promise Of Peak Performance

Ensure your security needs are addressed immediately. Get unlimited on-site service visits, 24/7/365 phone support, training on the latest technology, and constant monitoring of system performance from our support center.

"They take safety to the Nth degree"

"The safety of our students is everything; I need to eliminate vulnerability. All potential risk factors must be anticipated and countered. This is what POM does when they design a security system for you. They take safety to the Nth degree."

Anthony Wartel
Director of Facilities
Marymount School Of New York


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Strategic, fail-safe security plans.

The biggest security mistake you can make is to not have a strategy. The strength of your security system depends on the proper assessment of situational and site-specific security risks against your state of preparedness


Discover the latest trends in building security and how they can identify threats before the safety of your building and its occupants is compromised.

Tackle old security challenges in new ways with remote monitoring.

Adopt an all-eyes-on approach to building security—remotely

Ask questions and address your concerns with a strategic security expert.

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