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How Remote Video Monitoring Works

“How does remote video monitoring work, exactly?” This is a common question for security integrators to receive from prospective new clients. Remote video monitoring can be a valuable service for the certain types of properties; here’s how it works.

Intelligent Camera Detection

On properties where it is only feasible to place live security staff in high traffic areas, remote video monitoring fills in the gap with intelligent cameras that detect movement. On a hospital campus, this may be ideal for outdoor walkways where there is no other security presence – or, on wings that require afterhours monitoring because they are only used during weekday business hours. On a school campus, the same applies – but because schools keep more limited schedules, the afterhours component is even more valuable. Detecting motion where/when there should not be motion expected is the primary function of remote video monitoring.

Voicedown Capability

In a high quality remote video monitoring configuration, there is a monitoring center that responds to signals transmitted by the cameras. When motion is detected, the monitoring center will receive the signal immediately and a live security agent can voice down to the site where the activity is happening. This should all happen in a matter of mere seconds.

Other Response Options

Although voicedown capability is a valuable part of remote video monitoring, it is not a mandatory service. Clients should be able to choose how the monitoring center responds to a triggered event; for example, the client may ask for a notification with a video clip attached so that the facility can decide on its own action. When explaining how remote video monitoring works in NYC campuses, a security integrator should present the client with multiple response options.

Remote Surveillance Patrols

Another service component of remote video monitoring is the remote security patrols around the property. These can happen at 30-minute intervals, 60-minute intervals, or during other scheduled times of day or night. One common application for remote surveillance patrols is public events; however, the service may be useful in a variety of scenarios.

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