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How to Get the Most Out of an Upcoming Security Consultation

Preparation, including coming up with the right questions, is key

At the end of our blog posts, there’s a call to action to request a free onsite consultation. And whether it’s POM Tech or another vendor you contact and evaluate, there’s some work to be done before any company sets foot in your business.

With some careful planning before the meeting, you have the ability to turn an ordinary consultation into a successful partnership that will keep you, your staff, and your business safe and secure.

  1. Confirm the meeting

Confirm the meeting and make sure you’ve set aside a proper amount of time. That means clearing away any events that could conflict with this consultation. Also, be prepared to provide a thorough tour of the facility, especially if this is a first-time consultation. If possible, provide the vendor with a floor plan of your business, indicating entries, exits, stairwells, and other areas of concern. In addition, make sure ahead of time that you have access to all potential key or problem areas that may be locked, such as server rooms.

  1. Put together an in-house team

Establish which members of your staff have specific interest in or responsibility for any security measures and provide the vendor with their names, their role within the company, and their familiarity with security technologies. Make sure all of these key players will be available for the consultation, including facilities and IT personnel. This will enable to the company to fine-tune its presentation, as well as ensure that all of the right information is conveyed.

  1. Bring your team together

Meet with your team prior to the consultation to review current security measures, equipment, protocols, and network configurations. Also, identify any potential weaknesses, threats, or gaps in your security that you would like to correct. This will allow the vendor to review your policies and procedures prior to the meeting, as well as to recommend any system upgrades, if necessary. Your team can also help establish a timeline and budget for any security project.

  1. Develop key questions

With the help of your team, put together a list of questions you have for the vendor. Remember, the onsite consultation is as much a chance for you to get to know the vendor as it is for the vendor to get to know your business. Key concerns to consider include proper insurance, future support, installation time, services, and, of course, cost.

  1. Be familiar with material from the vendor

If the vendor sends any reading material or resources in advance of the consultation, become familiar with them. Also, share this with your team. The material will not only help you know more about the company and its solutions, it will also generate additional questions and make you aware of new security tools, such as keyless entry and remote video monitoring.

  1. Use a confidentiality agreement

In order to have an open and honest discussion about the nature of your business and your security concerns, use a confidentiality agreement prior to any extended consultation. This prohibits the vendor from discussing your business or security with others, no matter if you sign a contract with the security company or not.

Peace of mind matters 

At the end of the day, it’s your peace of mind that matters, and a powerful security solution can help you achieve it. You should feel comfortable with the vendor, as well as the choices and decisions you made as part of this security partnership. POM Technologies understands in the importance of peace of mind – that’s why we included the phrase in the name of our company.

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