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Slip and Fall: Preventing Liability with Building Security

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At some point, everyone has slipped, tripped or fallen. If it happens at home, the only concern is helping the person who fell. If it happens in public, there’s an added concern for the property owner: liability. With that in mind, building management should decrease the safety risks of walking on their property.

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Bollards and Building Security

Bollards and Building Security NYC

Short, concrete-filled metallic pillars known as bollards have become useful for a variety of applications over the decades. Rather than functioning merely as markers along the periphery of parking lots, gas pumps, drive-throughs and other outdoor stations, these short poles can serve an important purpose for building security.

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Security Tips for Office Relocation | 5 Ways to Plan

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The time to get going on a new security plan is the moment the lease on the new space is signed. Make an appointment with a security integrator to assess the building (or the space of the building the business will occupy) as soon as possible, so that the security network can be ordered and installed well in advance of the move-in.

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