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Security Solutions for Scaffolding

Construction Security for Scaffolding in NYC

Scaffolding is one of the safest ways to give construction, repair or maintenance workers access to the tallest stories of a building. The planks and poles that make up a scaffolding structure around a building are intricately constructed and designed to secure the people who utilize it. But while scaffolding secures them, what secures the scaffolding? Here is some information on security for scaffolding in NYC.

Why Scaffolding Needs Security

Scaffolding may only be in place for a short period of time, but it needs the protection of electronic security as much as any other building. Consider the risks that scaffolding is vulnerable to; to start, these temporary structures are prime places for loitering and vandalism. And in many cases, access to the scaffolding gives criminals access to the permanent building it surrounds. Furthermore, the workers who use scaffolding need to be monitored as well. For those reasons, it’s important to utilize security equipment designed to safeguard the scaffolding on the most accessible floors (normally, floors one through six).

What Security Service Can Help

Security for scaffolding should be designed for temporary use while still maintaining robust performance. One service that fits the bill is remote video monitoring, which would involve a two-fold approach to securing the scaffolding: 1) employing remote guards to patrol all areas of the scaffolding on a scheduled basis, and 2) setting up analytic tripwires to detect the presence of trespassers or scaffolding climbers after hours. If the tripwires detect trespassers, loiterers or vandals on the premises, the monitoring service can alert security staff on the ground  or, the remote guard can voice down to the site to instruct the trespassers to leave. Remote video monitoring can also be useful for personnel management during construction. These options can protect the site and preserve the investment of stakeholders.

After Construction is Complete

Security for scaffolding must be durable enough to withstand the outdoor elements, and flexible enough to be installed only temporarily; after all, the structure itself is temporary. When any portion of the construction project is complete, the remote video monitoring service should be able to be moved to anywhere else new scaffolding is being erected. Other tools can be added on at that point, including an access control system, NVR video surveillance and alarms. All of these devices can be integrated so that they work together as a reliable, user-friendly network. For more information on security for scaffolding in NYC, contact POM Technologies.

About POM Technologies

Peace Of Mind Technologies has delivered site-specific, cost-effective security solutions to facilities throughout the greater New York Metro area since 2002. We aren’t your average security company, with a wide range of equipment and services for building security. NYC facilities can contact us at (212) 688-2767 or info@pom-tec.com to request a free security analysis, or reach out via the contact form below.

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