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Checklist for Hotel Security Systems in NYC

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Around 60% of people check-in to hotels every year. As such, it’s important to make sure your guests feel secure and at ease during their stay at your hotel, for safety reasons of course, but also for reputation reasons. In a city like New York with countless hotels, your security plan is critical. Here’s a…

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The Power of Surveillance Analytics

Businesses, schools, and other organizations need to make security one of their top priorities – and one tool they should add to their arsenal is surveillance analytics software. Learn about its benefits.

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School Safety Technology: 5 Benefits Outside of Security

School security technology is critical for obvious reasons related to the safety of students and staff. However, there are additional reasons that keeping school security technology updated and upgraded can benefit a campus – reasons that are not necessarily limited to safety.

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How To Enhance School Surveillance

As parents, teachers, and students continue to heal from recent campus tragedies and the national discussion on school security continues, the idea of enhancing school surveillance has moved to the forefront. If there’s one thing all parties seem to agree on, it’s that the days of antiquated methods are over when it comes to school…

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