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6 Ways to Manage Your Commercial Video Security System

6 Ways to Manage Your Commercial Video Security System

Daily management and regular maintenance are essential for all security equipment – even the highest quality, most professionally installed security systems. NYC organizations should take these steps in order to stay on top of their electronic security. 

Manage Video Storage

Video storage has evolved to massive capacity, and that’s a big benefit for large enterprises. Part of managing it is knowing how much video storage is available at a given time. For example: Recently, a client believed they had 90 days of storage available. Upon inquiry, it was discovered they only had 20 days of storage. That illustrates how imperative it is to be aware of storage capacity on a weekly basis. It affords the ability to make an informed decision on whether to upgrade storage, before a security incident makes the upgrade necessary.

Check Recording and Camera Angles

Another CCTV management essential is checking on recording and camera angles. Nothing is less effective than a security camera pointed in the wrong direction; recording hours of footage in an unintended angle can easily lead to a consequential breach, especially if the camera was intended to record a high traffic area. Also, these investigations should not end at camera angles; it’s also important to check the quality of the images on a regular basis, specifically night images (as night recording is more susceptible to quality vulnerabilities).

Check Time Syncing

CCTV is connected to an NTP server that automatically syncs the time – and in critical cases, even seconds matter. For instance: If the time on crucial footage is off, and that footage is used as evidence in a legal case, then the opposing attorney can petition for it to be thrown out of evidence. Because it is considered unreliable, many judges will agree the footage is inadmissible in court. But the importance of time synching does not only apply to video surveillance. Access control systems also need time synching to be 100% accurate for the same reasons.

Automate Backups Immediately

Every company needs a policy for automated security system backups. If the system crashes, nobody onsite would enjoy being the person responsible for manually entering hundreds of human resources records. For most organizations, the first crash is the only crash before an automated backup policy is written and implemented. It’s a hard, but necessary lesson.

Perform Penetration Testing

In order to avoid becoming security breach victims, sometimes we are required to think like security breach perpetrators. What passwords would be easy enough for criminals to crack? Those are the ones to avoid. Implement a company policy for complex, lengthy passwords with scheduled quarterly updates and uphold it as an organization. Look for physical security gaps as well: blind spots on the premises, areas that should be restricted with access control, remote areas that may be blind spots. If live security is on staff, assess how effectively they check photo IDs and perform the company’s other security protocols. These are some of the most critical tasks for managing security systems. NYC organizations with questions on performing these tasks or upgrading their systems should contact POM Technologies for more information.

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As security system integrators, Peace Of Mind Technologies has been delivering site-specific, functional and cost-effective security solutions to businesses, hotels, hospitals, schools, residential buildings and other facilities throughout the greater New York Metropolitan area since 2002.
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